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Week 4: Dangerously Irrelevant

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This week I looked at the blog Dangerously Irrelevant written by Dr. Scott McLeod. His blog is very interesting. He posts things about technology and just random things about teaching. I was reading a few of his blog posts and discovered that he is very opinionated. He has many great ideas to share about Education. A posting that I found that really struck me was titled “The Voice of the Active Learner.”  in this post, Dr. McLeod added a video about students now a days with the view of technology. The video refers to these students as digital natives or active learners. This is something that really made me think. I am a digital native and a n active learner, my teachers have learned how to teach me, and I in turn need to learn how to teach these types of learners. This was a great posting and the blog is full of other posts just like it.
I added the video below.

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